Dec. 23rd, 2016

wickedflea: (booth dog)
Bedded down in Hattiesburg, MS, for the night. It's only about 150 miles from Houma, but it sure cuts down the drive to Mom's tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing Mom and my stepdad John, who's been having radiation treatments for basal cell carcinoma. Also very much looking forward to seeing my stepbrother Grimmett. Haven't seen him in like 17 years or something. What the fuck. :( I hate how spread out my family is, but we all kinda had to find our place, I guess. Right now it's me in south Louisiana, Mom and John in the Chattanooga area, Grimmett (Kevin) in Austin, and John II in freakin' Philadelphia. Our shit's fucked up, but it's kinda oddly OK.

From there the plan is to head north around the 28th or 29th and see friends in Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and who the hell knows where else. All told, I'll be away from home until about January 9. Haven't had a vacation that long since I was a kid, I don't guess. Still doesn't quite feel real that it's gonna happen. But it's gonna kick ass.

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